About Us

Your Breckenridge mountain experts

Ann Daman

Breckenridge Local Expert
Ann grew up in the ski industry. Her parents founded Daman-Nelson Travel, one of the first ski tour operators in the country. She strapped on her first pair of skis at 3 years old and spent the years since traveling to all the major ski destinations in Western US and Canada. Being in the travel industry for so many years has given her a unique opportunity to travel the world. Second only to traveling herself, Ann loves helping people plan that perfect vacation so that they can make great memories themselves.

Jessica Milloy

An avid skier and rock climber, Jess loves the mountains and everything they have to offer. She loves enjoying the apres-ski culture almost as much as she loves to ski, and loves exploring Breck's nightlife. She's happy to share her favorite secret spots with you!

Grey Schuhmacher

Grey grew up visiting the beaches and mountains of North Carolina, but as he worked his way through college at Appalachian State University, earning degrees in Hospitality Management and Marketing along the way,  his love for the mountain lifestyle took over. Grey's Swiss grandfather made sure that Alpine skiing was a family activity through the generations, but it was only after a summer internship in the Rocky Mountains that Grey had found where he belonged. Whether doing photography, fishing, rafting, or tubing on a river, hiking or mountain biking on a remote trail, skiing, snowboarding, or ski-biking on the slopes, regular golf or disc golf, its simply fresh air, mountain views, and good company that he seeks. Now a husband and father, Grey is relishing in the opportunity to share his passions and pass his love of the outdoors to the next generation of Schuhmacher boys.